Selected projects.

Most of this work is confidential. More details can be shown upon request.

Santander World-wide mobile experience

The Global team of Santander wanted help to define their mobile experience for the near future. This included evaluating the relationship of Global with the regional teams worldwide, defining a shared vision, and designing new functionality to ease the convergence of all their different apps across the world.

I was the project lead on the engagement, coordinating a team of 8 designers and researchers, and driving the conversation with the client.

During the project we combined the vision from stakeholders and regional teams — conveyed through workshops and working sessions — with the vision from customers — explored with a discovery phase in 5 countries worldwide.

The delivery included a shared vision story built with the Santander team, 4 different areas of opportunity to explore, a range of new functionality aimed at differentiation of Santander from their competitors, and a roadmap for convergence of their local apps in all their different markets.

The client was remarkably enthusiastic about the work we performed, and has incorporated the outcomes into their roadmap for the rest of 2019 and 2020, both globally and locally in their key markets.

Additionally, thanks to the work performed by the team, Santander requested a range of follow-up projects, becoming Designit Spain’s most important client this year. I was also a key part in shaping these follow-up proposals and landing the 1M+ € program for Designit.

Godiva Product and Service innovation for millennials

The chocolate producer Godiva wanted help to identify business opportunities to reach a younger audience in their two main markets: Japan and the United States. I was the project lead, running a mixed which combined designers from our team in London, Tokyo and New York.

This was mostly a discovery project. In order to understand this new audience in each of the markets we ran contextual observation, interception interviews, co-creation with users and mystery shopper sessions. I coordinated 2 local research teams remotely from our headquarter in London.

With all this information, we ran a number of workshops with Godiva subject-matter-experts. We delivered a catalog of user-generated ideas, 12 refined concepts for new products and services, and 8 areas of opportunity to continue developing this new audience in the future.

Lloyds Banking Group Investment advice for newbies

Lloyds Banking Group wanted to develop UK’s first digital regulated advice service, targeted at people who have never invested. The service aimed to be much more thorough that existing investment advice, following FCA directives like the ones which apply to face-to-face advisory.

After a recent failed attempt from the bank, we approached the project in chunks, prototyping and testing our key hypotheses first. We then worked iteratively and incrementally from there until we had completed all the required steps.

I lead the project from Designit’s side, with a team of 5 designers and researchers, and 10+ Lloyds Bank SMEs.

The project was launched successfully under the Halifax brand, with great feedback from both customers and stakeholders. The bank extended the project to three more areas within Wealth Management and Financial Planning, closely following the project setup that we defined.

“I think the best testimony of our success is this man that in the first day live invested £70,000 without even talking to the human advisers that were on hold. I checked the calculations and it was a safe and appropriate investment as well. We’re getting a lot of those, which is exactly what we were hoping for.”
— Lloyds risk expert

Working across disciplines

Design Research

Even if I don’t consider myself a design research expert, I do enjoy spending time in the field talking to users. I find it massively enriches the quality of our output as designers. Some of my favourite pieces of research that I took part of are:

BP Shipping - An ethnographic study in oil and gas tankers, trying to find patterns for improvement of efficiency and safety in the way seafarers work.

L’Oreal - Contextual observation of consumers using hair colouring products at home, in order to find opportunities to refine the retail spaces in which they are sold.

Telenor - Contextual interviews in call centres, retail stores and customer homes in Hungary to understand the keys to customer relationship for this Scandinavian telco.

Usability and testing

I am a firm believer that every designer should at attend user testing frequently, especially if it’s for their own work. Some selected pieces of work include:

Iberia - We ran user research and card sorting sessions to understand the best information architecture and navigation menus for in-flight entertainment systems according to the mental model of occasional and frequent fliers.

Santander - We ran tests with users and suggested usability improvements for their newly design ATM interface.

Leroy Merlin - I built high fidelity prototypes for testing some new interactions as part of the redesign of their web and mobile interfaces.

Design Thinking training

I have always been a promoter of cross-disciplinary teams and co-creation. Everywhere I work, I find time to share my experience and tricks in Creative Problem Solving and Design Thinking, both with colleagues as well as clients:

Lloyds Banking Group - Week-long training for their Digital Navigators on human-cantered design, facilitation and service design foundations.

Ferrovial - For three years in a row, I was part of the team teaching the new hires of Ferrovial key facilitation and creative-problem-solving techniques.

Cámara de Comercio de Cúcuta - We worked with institutions of this small Colombian region to develop a new tourism strategy to boost local economic development. This included mentoring their team in the use of facilitation and design thinking tools.