In early 2019 me and my wife started our own company. We are based in the small city of Zhenjiang, in Jiangsu, China. FutureLAB is a space where kids and adults can experiment, explore and build their ideas. We help others develop their creative instincts, for a brighter future.

As part of this process I’m designing more than ever. I had to define the concept, value proposition, the brand, interior design for the space, detailed construction of furniture, all content, supporting visual materials for teaching, marketing materials and a very long etcetera.

After our opening in June 2019, we’re currently in early operation. It has been a first year full of ups and downs. Great highlights like our robotics summer camp, signing up our 30th student, or being featured in the local newspaper are constantly mixing with entrepreneur struggles like facing business difficulties, being forcefully closed due to a nation-wide epidemic, or daily navigation of language and cultural scrambles.

The path ahead is uncertain, but it is likely to remain full of action and learning. 加油!