Madrid years: the guy for everything.
Despite being hired as an Interaction Designer, I was very lucky to arrive at the same time as a new wave of Strategy and Service Design projects where landing. This gave the chance to work across a broad range of disciplines during my first few years as a designer. I actively avoided tags, learned to enjoy uncertainty, and became the guy for everything.

In this period, I defined the new retail experience for Vodafone in Spain, I did card-sorting with users to define the best navigation for Iberia’s in-flight entertainment system, I improved the usability of Santander’s ATM’s, and explored differences between Hungarian and Danish customers for nordic telco Telenor.

However, I always proactively looked opportunities to sharpen my digital skills. One of the spaces which I focused on at the time was digital prototyping. I developed a range of tools that allowed me to simulate interfaces for testing and presentation purposes, from HTML, CSS and jQuery to Origami, Framer or p5.js.

It was partly this interest that after five years made me seek new opportunities closer to development and technology, which make me move to Shanghai to join a product team.

London years: shaping a team
In 2017, I returned to Designit as they were opening a new studio in London. I was responsible of shaping projects and leading them, working closely with clients that were new to Designit, and tackling projects with a team which was also new. My time in production was combined with time training our new team members, as well as taking part on the hiring process.

In London I designed a robo-advisor that help first-time-investors take the right decisions, I worked with Godiva to find new products and services for their two strongest markets, and helped BP roadmap their technological development of tools for their oil and gas naval fleet.

As the team matured, I started to increase my dedication to business development. I had an eye to understand business problems that could be tackled from a design angle, and this resonated well with a lot of our incoming inquiries at the time.

I shaped and then supervised projects in the renewable energy sector, as well as in finance and investment. All of these works consolidated new relationships with our customers, and resulted in a roadmap of projects for the mid and long term.

A thing that was important for me was to never stay too far away from hands-on work and keep my design skills sharp. I achieved this by finding time to do production work alongside the team and organising studio-wide design/prototyping challenges. I also always had side-projects going, where I could explore tools and techniques in my own terms. Some traces of this are still up on tumblr...

Finally, in late 2018 before leaving Designit I returned to Designit Madrid. They needed some help with a large engagement with Santander. The project required a combination of high-level strategic vision and UX/UI excellence, which was a great way to put my skillset to the test. It was a good way to spend time with friends and family before moving to China for a new adventure.