Hola, I’m Jorge Álvarez.
A designer with a prototyper mind.

I’m currently open to opportunities as a remote designer.
If you like what you see, feel free to reach out: hola@jalvapic.com

I am often valued for my versatility and broad understanding of design. Most of my career has revolved around digital interfaces. However, I have never been shy to explore other surrounding disciplines. My time working in strategy, service design, research and physical product design, all impact the way I shape digital projects.

A lot of this happened during the 7+ years I spent at Designit, where I grew from sketching wireframes to shaping global projects. I also spent one year as a digital product designer, leading the design of language-learning apps for EF Education First in Shanghai, China.

I am currently in Zhenjiang, China, where I am building the workspace I dreamed of as a kid. I spend most of my day surrounded by CNC power tools and 3D printers, teaching children to explore their creative instincts using science and tech. I develop fun and educating content, and I am also designing more stuff than ever.